Philosophy of Ministry

 3-Faceted Strategy for Accomplishing God’s Mission in our Community

Serve Real People in Real Life

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Anyone who will ever be called a “leader” at Forward, commits to a daily schedule of servitude and availability to the needs of our community. We are on the streets daily, meeting Real Needs on a street-level, fully aware that God may have greater needs that He may call us to meet in the process. As we operate on a street-level, we pray and listen, trying to notice where God would have us to serve next. No business cards attached; no invite cards. When we just commit to go and love People each day, rather than hang out in offices, God does all of the leg work in moving on the hearts of the people we encounter on a daily basis. 
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Connecting Real People to the Real God

Once God brings to the surface the “persons of peace” in our community, in whom He has been working even before our introduction, then we seek to simply begin doing life together in pursuit of the One True God. That looks very different for different people and different relationships, but the key is to just be Real and be available for however God may want to use us in His process.
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Growing in Christ as the REAL GOD gives us REAL LIFE and transforms us into the REAL PEOPLE we were created to be

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It is an oxymoron for us to create and be part of a great place called Forward if we are not tangibly moving Forward in our everyday lives. At Forward, we have trademarked a revolutionary discipleship program called “The Forward Life Plan.” This comprehensive approach to growing in Christ looks at the 5 “Domains” of a person’s life: Spirituality, Relationships, Health, Finances, and Personal Development. By assessing where each of us are at in these domains of life, we can then formulate a tangible plan for what moving forward in Christ would like uniquely in our lives. A vision without a plan is just a hallucination. We can hope to be better in any given area of our lives til the cows come home, but without a tangible plan to accomplish that vision, we are just spinning our tails with religious mumbo jumbo.
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