His Mission For Us

We believe that God has called us to a very unique mission in Slavic Village and beyond. Let’s face it: if we plant a great Church, we will only impact people who choose to engage in the Religious Domain of life in our community. But Real Life is being lived by everyday people in 7 other “Domains of Life”: The educational Domain, The Business Domain, The Recreational Domain, The Medical Domain, The Arts Domain, The Agricultural Domain, The Housing & Family Domain, and the Judicial Domain. If we are not entering into- and making impact in- each of those domains, then we are simply staying in our comfy little Religious world and hoping they come to us. By allowing our Light to shine before people in each one of these “Domains” of society, we can impact all of life in Slavic Village for the Kingdom of God. We will stop at nothing short of radically impacting every domain of life in our community, and thereby revolutionize how people throughout every domain see God , His Church, and its role in everyday life.