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To have a place called Forward where people don’t move forward is an oxymoron. In everything that we do, the end goal is to lead people to tangible Growth in Christ. We are all starting at different places in life, but we are united by a common vision to Press Forward from that very spot where we find ourselves. 
Below are some channels through which you too can grow in Christ with The Forward Church Family.
A great way to grow in your faith and in your daily walk is through consistent attendance of our Sunday Celebrations. Far from a bland, lecture-like format, we bring the eternal Word of God down to earth in an interactive format where we can all hear, understand, and be able to immediately  apply. 
Be an active part of the Forward Church Experience any Sunday at the Forward Life Center, starting at 11am  
Sunday Celebrations
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Prayer Gathering
Every good and perfect thing that this life has to offer comes from the Father above. Knowing that apart from God we can do nothing keeps us forever in a position of reliance upon Him to lead us. HeavenWard is a weekly opportunity for us to come together at the feet of a Savior Who can do abundantly more than we could ever ask, imagine, or do on our own.
Grow through Prayer Each Monday in the Forward Life Center at 7pm
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Fuel for 5 is an interactive online Bible Reading Community united around the simple principle of living each day Fueled by God’s Word. While the plan can be completed in as little as 5 minutes a day, the Page is updated numerous times daily in order to continue the stirring of that Word throughout the day. And reading together as a community prompts great discussion and fruit throughout the day.
CLICK HERE and Like the Fuel for 5 Page to Join the Community

Fuel For 5

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As Christians, we can fall into the trap of being so Heavenly-minded that we are of no earthly good to those around us. There are a number of different areas that make up our entire life; Spirituality, Finances, Health, Relationships, and Personal Development. When Christ comes into a life, He does not want to transform merely our Spiritual life, He has come to make ALL things new, in every area of our life. At Forward, we strive to Grow in each and every facet of our everyday life; submitting more and more of ourselves over to Gods perfect plan for us. The Forward Life Plan is our Discipleship strategy that can meet us right where we are at in each of these domains and give us a tangible Plan for moving forward in each. It starts with an overall “Life Assessment” that determines where we honestly are, followed by a 1-on-1 with a Forward leader to build a comprehensive Plan for the next steps Forward in Christ’s plan for every area of life.
CLICK HERE to contact a Forward leader and get started on the path to a Forward Life in Christ! 
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Once a person has committed to a “Forward Life Plan”, it is necessary to have direct accountability in our lives in order to walk in the Vision God has set for us through the “Plan.” Life Pods are comprised of 3-5 people, all bound together by a common vision to press forward, no matter where each of them may be now or what areas they may personally struggle with. Pods are governed by 4 Foundational commitments by each member: Confidentiality, Consistency, Accountability, and Honesty. 
To Join a Forward Life Pod, or for more information, CLICK HERE to be contacted by a Catalyst in this arena
Forward Life Pods
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For Deeper Biblical Study that brings the Transcendent Word of God down to earth, Join Us for our Fuel for Life Bible Discovery Courses. Far from a lofty, bland, or conceptual review of Scripture- these weekly gatherings are a time for us to meet in a laid-back environment and simply dig deeper into what Gods Word says to us in the Here and Now.
Fuel for Life Groups gather every Thursday at 7pm in the Forward Life Center.
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Ever Wonder What Life is All About? Got questions about God, Christianity, or the purpose of our existence? Just a heads up…we all do! We all struggle to find the meaning and the purpose of this life, and many times, we look in all the wrong places to fill that natural void. Alpha is a completely open and non-threatening place where we can explore these questions together.
Alpha consists of 3 major components: Food, Talk, and Discussion.
1) We eat together and just hang out like normal human beings
2) We watch a talk expressing some of the viewpoints on major topics confronting us in this life; both from Christian and alternative perspectives.
3) We share thoughts and ideas in a small group, with no obligation to share and no restrictions on what we may share.
CLICK HERE to Get Registered for our next Alpha Series at locations throughout the Community.