Family Values

The Core Values of a Church- or really any organization- shouldn’t have to be spoken or posted on a wall in the building. What we truly value most should be evident right from the moment we walk in the door. At Forward, we have more so realized what we truly do value as a Church family as God has slowly brought us along this journey of planting Forward. You can read what we found here, or experience these values firsthand in any Forward environment.

1) Serving Not Sitting

We have no right to expect someone to come to our service on Sunday if we are not at the their service every day. Our success will never be defined by how many people we get to come sit in our environments, but by what kind of people we send back out into our community. You won’t find any offices at Forward; our office walls are the north, south, east, and west ends of the community we’ve been called to serve. If you need to find a Forward leader, simply look in our “office.”   
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2) Acceptance not Judgment

At Forward, Real People feel a whole lot more comfortable than “Church people.” That’s because we were planted for sinners, not “righteous” folks. Jesus said that was who He came for, so we figured “what the heck, maybe we should follow suit.” We realize that all of us are at different points in our Spiritual journey, and that a connection to Christ is the only thing that produces “good fruit” in our lives. Knowing that, we can spend a whole lot more time just loving people wherever they may be at, and a whole lot less time comparing our fruit to theirs.
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3) Relationships not Religion

It is our belief that Christians possess 2 things that the world desperately needs: The Truth of God & The Love of God. In the Bible, Paul says that without love, all of our “Spiritual” activities are useless. Christians have the Truth that can set people free; period. But that “Cure” has been “marketed” so poorly by the Church, that the world looks at our Savior and says they would rather continue the rat race. We have led out with the Truth of God (bullhorns screaming at complete strangers, holding vulgar signs in front of abortion clinics, etc.), when really what the world needs to witness from us is the Love of God. We are about using our resources and our venues in order to love people; not using our people in order to get more resources and build bigger venues.
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4) Progress not Pretending

It really doesn’t do any good to gather a bunch of people in a place called Forward, if the people themselves are not moving forward in their daily relationship with God. We will not placate people where they are at in life, but rather compel and challenge people to move forward from wherever that may be. Anyone who is content where they are at in their life or in their walk with God- with no ambition to press forward- will be given the addresses of other Churches in our community which they can attend.