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Connecting with new people can be tough; even if we are united by a common faith and vision. At Forward, we try to create as many natural avenues as possible for Real People to Connect in Real Life. Below are number of ways that you can get Connected at Forward.
UntitledFamily Fun Nights
A night of laid-back fun for the whole family, as we basically just open up the Forward Life Center for one, big, community party every second Friday of the month.
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Forward is best experienced in Real Time Every Day.
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Social Media 
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Sunday Celebrations
A Great Way to Connect at Forward is to Join the Fam for our Sunday Celebrations. While also a way to Grow at Forward, our environments on Sunday are so relaxed and inviting that people from all walks of life can come and feel accepted while Connecting with new people who are bound together by a simple commitment to Press Forward.
Sunday Celebrations start each Sunday at 11am with a Family Meal to Follow
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Explore the Unique Calling and DNA of the Forward Church, and take the first step toward becoming a Member of the street-level Family that is taking the city by storm for the Kingdom of God.
CLICK HERE to Register for this One-Hour, One-Time Class, Held Monthly at The Forward Life Center
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One way people are Connecting at Forward is through the Cleveland Pregnancy Center, whose east side office is located here at the Forward Life Center. The CPC assists women in carrying their babies to term by providing emotional support and practical assistance while sharing God’s love and plan for their lives..
To Be Contacted to Someone from the CPC, CLICK HERE
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God is doing amazing things in Slavic Village  through a number of organizations both secular and Christian. Having a great place called Forward is useless if we are not helping people move forward, so we partner with these organizations to find collaborative ways to serve our community to the max. 
Click Here For A Listing of Other Organizations That Can Connect You to a Forward Path for Your Life
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Ever Wonder What Life is All About? Got questions about God, Christianity, or the purpose of our existence? Just a heads up…we all do! We all struggle to find the meaning and the purpose of this life, and many times, we look in all the wrong places to fill that natural void. Alpha is a completely open and non-threatening place where we can explore these questions together.

Alpha consists of 3 major components: Food, Talk, and Discussion.
1) We eat together and just hang out like normal human beings
2) We watch a talk expressing some of the viewpoints on major topics confronting us in this life; both from Christian and alternative perspectives.
3) We share thoughts and ideas in a small group, with no obligation to share and no restrictions on what we can say.

CLICK HERE to Get Registered for our next Alpha Series at locations throughout the Community.